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Published May 09, 21
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In fact, they have a 4 (Longueville best removalist). 75-star rating with overwhelmingly positive reviews. On Google, they have 5 stars. This is a Canberra-based removal service that is highly recommended both within Canberra and in the surrounding suburbs. They are family-owned and have been in the area for over 20 years. Here is the list of their services:Domestic moves Internal movesCommercial movesPacking, organizing, and unpackingFurniture and rubbish disposalFree in-home inspectionFlexible insurance (you can choose to insure all or only certain items)ACT Movers is proud that they don’t have to spend any money on advertising – their online reviews speak for themselves.

7 stars, respectively). Many reviewers were repeating customers, which just goes to show how comfortable people feel relying on their services. Reviewers also used positive descriptions of the workers as honest, understanding, friendly, careful, and reliable. South West Removals is a family-owned business that has been operating in Western Australia for over 35 years.

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Here’s a list of their services:Office removalsHouse removalsPiano removalsPool table removalsInterstate removalsFurniture removalsFull coverage insuranceBased on their reviews on Find a Mover, South West Removals does a great job of keeping their customers happy. They have a rating of 4. 8 because they are always on time and have a track record of no damages (Longueville cheap removalist).

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This company operates in South East Queensland, from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane. They’re one of the only companies with a clear list of promises to their clients, from professionalism to flexible scheduling to open communication and safe handling of your items. Here’s a list of their services:Insurance coverage for your itemsPacking and unpackingHome movesOffice movesInternal movesA few things to keep in mind when it comes to Brisbane Removalists is that they do not charge for stairs but have some requirements about moving pianos - cheap removalist Longueville.

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Brisbane Removalists have a rating of 4. 8 stars on Google because of their excellent communication and punctuality. They seem to make a very positive impression on all of their customers. Based in North Sydney, these guys really haven’t been around for that long – they started up in 2010 – but they have become quite the success in just 9 years.

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Here are their services:Home movePacking materials and servicesStorageSite visits and consultationThey wouldn’t be streamlined if they offered a wide range of services, right? This company does what it does very well, and there are positive reviews to prove it. On Google, they boast of a 4. 9-star rating andTrue Local gives them a full 5 stars.

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And, the owner of the company, Geoff, often goes along for site visits so that you really feel taken care of. One thing to keep in mind is that Streamline Movers will not provide insurance for your items. It’s up to you to see if your own insurance will cover damages.

MiniMovers have been around for almost 25 years, and they’ve definitely earned their good reputation in the areas where they work - Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Melbourne. They pride themselves on being one of the first companies to offer an hourly rate system so that their customers have more control over the cost of their move.

Here is their full list of services:Home movesOffice movesLocal movesFree delivery of packing boxes and materialsPacking box buyback and pickupPacking and unpacking serviceCleaning for move-outLarge item (pool table or piano) removalSelf-storage recommendationsMiniMovers states on their website that they use the largest trucks possible within the confines of suburban streets. That means that they can accomplish 90% of their moves with just one truck in one trip.

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Now, what do the customers have to stay about MiniMovers? According to the reviews onProduct Review, these guys consistently show up on time and ready to help. In most cases, they move fast and take real care of their customers’ furniture and personal items. But what really stands out in the reviews for MiniMovers is their exceptional customer service.

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That said, of the 92 reviews on the site, 23 of them were negative, with complaints about scratched or dent appliances or furniture. Some customers stated that the hourly rate actually incentivized the movers to work more slowly. Their overall rating on Product Review is 4 stars. OnWord of Mouth, however, the ratings were even higher, at 4.

Best Move Removals is probably the youngest company on this list – they’ve been around since July 2012 – but they’ve made quite an impression in that short time. You could call them the start-up to the removal industry. furniture removalist Longueville. They started in a small home office in Melbourne dedicated to providing low-cost, reliable service to their clients.

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And in the 7 years, they’ve been in business, they’ve never had even one claim of breakage. That’s pretty phenomenal. Here is the full list of their services:Home moves within MelbourneOffice movesSome interstate movesPacking materialsPacking and unpacking servicesCompared to all of the companies on this list, Best Move definitely has the highest rating.

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Even with particularly difficult jobs and intense weather conditions, their customers rave about their politeness, professionalism, and efficiency.Adelaide Furniture Removals has been helping people move home for the past 25 years. They mainly service the greater Adelaide area, but extend to the rest of South Australia, as well. Here’s a list of their services:Local removalsInterstate removalsRegional removalsVehicle transportPacking adviceSpecially designed vehicles to reduce the impact on your itemsFull coverage insuranceAdelaide Furniture Removals is a standard in the Adelaide area.

5-star rating on Google and a 5-star rating onTrue Local (furniture removalists Longueville). Most of their reviews suggest that they have impressive customer service skills and amazing movers. Some reviewers even said that they came under budget because the entire move was so efficient. While all of the removalists on this list have some great advantages, there were a couple that really stood out to us as some of Australia’s best removalist companies.